Sega Dreamcast Development

This is my Sega Dreamcast development page. I use a cross compiled GCC and KOS to develop my Dreamcast software in Linux. All the demos I have made are available here as Nero images and binaries.

My Dreamcast Demos

You can record my demos to cd in windows and play them on a Dreamcast easilly.

Click on the images for information:

Simple 3D Engine            Pong             GL Objectorium
simple3d pong gl

Introducing the Minigun

The Minigun is a compact JAMMA Supergun. This unit attaches directly onto your JAMMA arcade PCB. Its basic design offers the most simple features;

Keyed JAMMA connector
On/ Off switch
Power LED
RGB video output
Stereo sound support
Two 15 pin NeoGeo joystick ports

Video and Sound
The supplied video cable connects to your TV via a SCART connector. Your TV must support RGB or you will not see anything.

Sound is wired for stereo support, although some JAMMA PCBs are only mono.

Most JAMMA PCBs have amplified audio which may damage your TV if set too high. For this reason the video cable has the sound connected or disconnected depending on your request.

Joysick/ Pad Support
All NeoGeo sticks and pads will work, the select buttons are wired to insert coins.


We have tested the Minigun on NeoGeo MVS. We assume most standard JAMMA arcade PCBs will work, depending on power requirements. Please contact us for more information regarding power requirements or compatibility. Also for a limited time only you can use an origin coupon code to get 15% off any game in our collection when you purchase a Minigun. Just send us your receipt and we will send you a coupon.

KOS 1.1.9 Posted

I just posted KOS 1.1.9 on SourceForge. Sorry it’s taken me so long, a variety of things have cropped up to keep me postponing it. Here are the relevant links:

Rel notes and changelog:


The major changes/improvements include a ramdisk, stereo and ADPCM sample support, a working GBA port again, improved maple attach/detach polling, a very preliminary PS2 RTE port, a VQ encoder and sample from Gil Megidish, Roger Cattermole’s PVR DMA module, and an improved version of Bero’s SDL port from Lawrence Sebald. 1.1.9 also includes the Parallax and Tsunami libs I used in writing FoF. And of course, a load of bug fixes.

The compiled manuals aren’t included in this release because they haven’t changed since 1.1.8, and also because the compilation is broken on my machine now. ^_^; Anyhow, pull down the 1.1.8 manuals if you want ’em. The manuals in general are a bit out of date and incomplete.

The VQ encoder will require the host machine to have a working libjpeg to compile against. For debian users, the package name is libjpeg62-dev. Other distros and Cygwin users can probably search for a similarly named package to get that working if you don’t have it already.

There’s not a binary release for GBA at this point (though there could be, if my ARM GCC wouldn’t barf :) and there’s no binary release for PS2 either (no point yet, it’s too preliminary). A GBA version maybe be uploaded if I can get it working and there’s enough demand (doubtful :).

AFAIK this release still has problems on SH-4 GCC versions >3.0.x. I guess at some point I’ll pull down a newer GCC and figure out what’s going on there, but at the moment I recommend sticking with 3.0.x for the SH-4 compiler.

Also I am very seriously considering no longer uploading binary releases with each release version. This would considerably reduce the effort required to do a release, especially as the number of platforms increases. For the Dreamcast, for example, I am now uploading 21.7MB of binaries, and about 8.6MB of sources. I think what might be much more useful is a detailed guide about how to pull down a copy of the sources from CVS (or a release zip/tar.gz) and build it. You have to have the same basic environment setup to compile KOS programs anyway, and using a source version is much more flexible.

I may also look into splitting off the addons into their own package(s) because those are becoming fairly huge. There are several more things I’d love to throw in there (freetype, more SDL addons, etc) but I’m afraid of even further increasing the download package sizes.

KOS Cygwin fixes

It seems that KOS 0.80 has various problems compiling under Cygwin out of the box. I kind of figured this would be the case since I don’t have a Cygwin install to test on (and not interested in getting one =) but various people in the DC hobbyist community have put together a “fix pack” for it. So if you are using KOS 0.80 under Cygwin, check it out on Jules’ site (see link to right).

On a completely different note, it seems that I have to make a departure from my current employer, who also hosts (I am the one leaving, BTW, I didn’t get canned. =) Anyway, I may have to start looking for new hosting, I’m not sure yet. We haven’t worked that out. If CA DCDev moves away from the main site I’ll definitely post something here ahead of time though. Thanks for all the site popularity guys! BTW, if you are thinking of volunteering a mirror, keep in mind that the site has some fairly high requirements: I’m currently using PHP 4.0 with MySQL, and I am getting about 2.5G of transfer a month (Eek!). I hope I don’t have to move to a pregenerated format with banner ads or something nasty like that, right as I was about to convert everything to uber-new Java/XSL/etc, but we’ll have to see what happens.