DC Boot Guide by Lord Kernow and GreenGianT

Before you start..
Here is some stuff you will be needing;

  • scramble (linux tool, compile it first “gcc scramble.c -o scramble”)
  • an ip.bin
  • selfboot 1.1 (windows app)
  • cdi2nero (windows app)

First you need to get the binary out of your compiled elf. You can do this using the command “objcopy -O binary yourelf.elf output.bin” (obviously use the objcopy from the dreamcast utils not the native linux ones.)

Next, scramble the binary with the command “scramble yourbin.bin scrambled_output.bin”

You need to get a suitable legal ip.bin from somewhere, i think the one i supply ok (gulp).. or download one from somewhere else.

Next you should rename your scrambled binary to 1st_read.bin and put it with the ip.bin in an appropriately named directory.

You can use the windows based program selfboot 1.1 to make a discjuggler (.cdi) image of your project.

I use cdi2nero to convert the cdi images that selfboot 1.1 produces into nero images.

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