pcx2gba for Linux

When I first started out doing GBA development I would normally use Dovoto’s pcx2gba and pcx2sprite programs to convert graphics for my gba projects (http://thepernproject.com) However, I am a Linux user so I have to use Wine, reboot or find a windows machine somewhere.

I thought I should write my own gfx converter when I got tired of running Dovoto’s pcx2gba in Wine. Its also helped me to understand the GBA gfx system more thoroughly.

Usage and output
Simply type “make” to compile. The command to run it follows;
./pcx2gba PCX file [variable name prefix]

I have modelled this program on Dovoto’s programs so the parameters are similar and output is the same. There is an optional parameter to specify the variable name prefix.

It seems to create GFX headers for sprites and mode 4 graphics perfectly. I have tested this program with 8, 4 and 1 bit PCX images.

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