Super Gem Smash Advance

This is a gem puzzle game. The gameplay is similar to that of an addictive Neogeo arcade game called Magical Drop 3. Use the catapult at the bottom of the play area to pick up coloured gems and then drop them in order to make vertical lines of 3 or more matching gems. All gems of the same colour that are touching will be removed from the playing area. If you match the gems fast enough then the chain multiplier increases and this multiplies up the scores from each gem.

There are 5 levels, but a sixth level called The hidden fortress, can be unlocked once the player has completed all 5 original levels on both Normal Mode and Hard Mode.

High scores and progress are saved to SRAM.

Detailed instructions are included in the Super Gem Smash Advance zip with the game rom.

Many thanks to Siygess for doing all the GFX for this game.

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